Good Morning!

Well shoot, just not much going on other than the Civid19 virus around here.

The Gov just issued a stay at home edict for everyone that is non essential. That means I am supposed to be at home right now, but instead am sitting at a boat launch watching the ducks, and the sun rise. Sally, my lady, works at night in retail restocking the shelves everyone is emptying during the day. They are getting in double, and triple the amount of items they normally would get to put up. My suggestion to everyone, is that you respect, and say thank you to all these unsung workers. They are working their tails off to keep product on the shelves for you.

As for the virus going around, keep a good distance away from others, and avoid crowds whenever possible! Another thing you can do, is pray.

Be safe everyone!

Ground Zero

Good morning! Writing you from ground zero for that stupid virus taking place in the USA. The basic news, is that it is spreading. School systems are closing up shop, with the kids supposed to be doing their school by teleconference.

The question I have, is what about all those kids whose parents cannot afford a computer? They are the same ones marginalized by not having enough to eat at home, and who rely on school meals as their source of nutrition. Their parents, already strapped for enough money to pay their bills, are now being asked to either miss work, or pay more for child care. The local governments are going to have to go into high gear. They need to immediately identify, and help out those families before those kids fall too far behind. I am sure that the school systems have lists of known families that may be in distress. If they do not, why don’t they?


In Remembrance

The lady known as Rosie The Riveter, passed away yesterday. She was the face of America for those that were such a major impact on the war industry during WWll on the home front. But more than that, she, in her passing, is representing the end of an era. An era of regular folks that stood up, stood proud, and fought for our freedom.

I wonder if todays youth as a whole, would do the same. A

fter all, we no longer have the freedoms we did then. We are taxed to death, and politicians from one party are calling for socialism.

Here in Washington our super liberal government just passed into law the mandating of sex education from kindergarten on up. They also just removed the intentional giving of HIV through non telling of a partner they have the disease, from a felony, to a misdemeanor.

They are destroying our Country from within, and it saddens me that we are sitting idly by as they do it.

To be sure, I do not condone the use of negative names which label a person, or group. But I will fight for someone to use them if they want, as a function of free speech. Just as I will fight for someone to bear arms openly. It is simply a case of taking back my rights without fear of recrimination, or being charged with a crime!

I am tired of the tail wagging the dog.

I am also tired of my morals being trampled upon by the same splinter groups that make up said tail, and have managed to get themselves into political posts of power.

Tell me your thoughts on this.


Ash Wednesday

Wow! It is almost Easter, with today being Ash Wednesday. Such an amazing time as we come near to the day of celebration of Christs resurection.

What that means to me, is that thanks to Him, my physical death, is nothing more than a miracle of rebirth. As a man of faith, I will be joining Him in heaven where my level of praise will grow beyond my wildest expectations.

Met another man of faith this morning by the name of John T Kartak. The mayor of a nearby town named Snohomish, he gracefully accepted my invitation to join me on my podcast, sometime in the near future! I am really looking forward to it!

Take some time yourself today, and evaluate where you are in your walk with Christ. Are you where you want to be? Or are you at a crossroads in your journey.

Remember, God loves you. He may have you where you are at right now, because that is where HE wants you to be! Look around for your ministry, and you may be surprised at what you find.

Be Blessed, and thrive!


Been thinking, or I should say, overthinking things again.

For the first time in 60 years, I have managed to put a face with the event of my rape, and it was a boy scout leader. Not of the troop I belonged to, but another one in the area. Him, and his friend. It was why he was able to gain the trust of my brother, other boys in the area, and me. I am livid with rage, and have to fight my feelings of wanting retaliation.

I cannot just bury it anymore, or compartmentalize it either. It must be dealt with somehow, but that currently eludes me. Violence is not the answer, although it would fit the crime, it is just not a part of my being. All I know, is that I am tired of it being so much a part of my make up. It permeates literally every part of my being. My Lord has used it for good in me, as He has had the trauma fuel my passion for helping others. It is time to take care of “me” though. Just do not know how to. The self abuses of the past certainly do not work, even if they were a temporary reprieve from the pain. Trading one for the other, was just different, not better. I will not get into those abuses here, they were just too private to share. Suffice to say, they were there, and were a large part of my self survival tools. They were also a part of pushing everyone away. My way of saying look at me, I am too broken to love, or even like. And I am just now able to begin to understand that.

Yes, I want to solve my dilemma. I DO want sweet revenge, but not in a violent way. Not anymore. Just have to figure out how. My fight, or flight personality has kicked in to high gear. Flight, I tried, and it does not work. Just makes it worse, so, it has to be fight, but how? The flight, was running from the unknown. Now that the cause is coming into the light, I want to fight. Have to.

You have any ideas on how to fight a demon?



Yes, I am upset this morning. The reason is this. There is a little girl undergoing surgery right now for a brain tumor. It is buried deep in her brain, and while the prognosis is seemingly good, there is NO excuse for the brutality of invasive surgery when options exist. I don’t care how good of a prognosis, or how skilled the surgeon, the fact remains, it will change her. You cannot dig around inside the brain without altering the synapses, and relays inside which make you uniquely you.

Enter in harmonics.

No invasive procedures, no opening of the skull. An implosion of the tumor deep inside with no resultant tissue damage, or re-routing of those internal connections that make you, you.

So tired of not being listened to. Once approached the Dean of the school of medicine at the University of Michigan. Spelled out my theory in detail, along with the how to involved. Didn’t go any farther than a mere nod of acceptance. Why? Why are they not willing to pursue a solution that is non medical? Is the money that good that lives no longer matter?

Share this missive with those you know!


It is Tuesday!

Yayyyy, made it through Monday relatively unscathed! at least the daytime part of it. Nights are an entirely different matter however. Dreams, nightmares, and flashbacks are no stranger to me. Sleepwalking, or as it is called, somnambulism, is a common occurrence too. The worst thing about that, is I don’t remember it, and only the remains of my night time forages into the fridge remain to tell the tale. Ugh.

Couple of things to get done today, not the least of which is making an appointment with my cardiologist! Need to find out what is going on with my a-fib. Went out of control this past weekend, and really do not know why. Spent Saturday night in my local ER getting checked out, and was sent home after it went back into a normal sinus rhythm.

have a Blessed day everyone!